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BOTOX® & Juvéderm®– Weymouth, MA

Restore Your Youthful Appearance With Subtle & Exquisite Results

person receiving a BOTOX injection in their forehead

Everyone wishes for their own personal Fountain of Youth that they can drink from to reduce the appearance of aging, erasing wrinkles, lines, and droopy facial features. At Columbian Square Dental, we offer the next best thing, BOTOX and Juvéderm fillers. When you visit our office for your next cleaning or teeth whitening session, be sure to include one or both of these treatments. We’ll be able to help you achieve a red-carpet smile and appearance in a single appointment!

How Do Wrinkles & Lost Collagen Age You?

syringe being filled with BOTOX

An unfortunate result of aging is the formation of wrinkles, lines, and droopy skin on your face due to overworked muscles and lost collagen. Each time you create a certain facial expression, the muscles under your skin bunch up, causing the collagen and elastin that keeps your skin tight to begin breaking down. Some other factors that can cause facial aging include smoking, sun exposure, and genetics.  

What is BOTOX?

person receiving a BOTOX injection

BOTOX contains a bacteria named botulinum toxin that freezes overworked facial muscles, allowing them to relax. We use this in small doses to reduce the lines caused by frowning and squinting over the years. When you visit our office, we’ll dilute the botulinum toxin in a saline solution and inject it into certain areas of your face where you’d like to see improvements made, such as around the eyes, forehead, and mouth.

What are the Benefits of BOTOX?

Many patients who are unhappy with their appearance turn to BOTOX treatment because it offers a variety of unique benefits, including:

  • Fast Results: BOTOX is often referred to as the “lunchtime facelift” because it can typically be completed in about 30 minutes. Plus, you’ll be able to notice results within three to five days after your treatment.
  • Non-Surgical Treatment: Instead of having an invasive surgery that requires an extensive recovery time, you can enjoy a scalpel-free treatment that offers beautiful results.
  • Subtle Effects: Many of our patients who have never had BOTOX are worried that they’ll look as though they’ve had “work done.” On the contrary, the effects of BOTOX injections are subtle and won’t dramatically change your physical appearance. Instead, they’ll delicately improve worn skin and overworked muscles for remarkable results.
  • Few Side-Effects: Few serious side-effects have been reported by patients who have received BOTOX treatments. The FDA has also approved the cosmetic treatment for temporary aesthetic and therapeutic uses.

What is Juvéderm?

person smiling and sitting outside

Juvéderm is a brand of dermal filler, which can achieve results similar to BOTOX, but with a few key differences. Instead of freezing muscles in the face, dermal fillers replace lost collagen to help certain areas appear plumper and more lifted. Because they’re in the form of a gel, they can be molded to achieve optimal results.

When you visit Columbian Square Dental for dermal fillers, we’ll discuss what areas of your face you’d like to see improvements in and replace any lost collagen in them. Afterward, you’ll be able to go right back to work and enjoy results that last anywhere from three to nine months on average.

What are the Benefits of Juvéderm?

Juvéderm offers many of the same results and benefits as BOTOX that will boost your confidence and restore your youthful appearance. It’s also approved by the FDA and includes substances that are naturally found in your skin, like hyaluronic acid. This replacement of natural materials helps stimulate the production of additional collagen and reverse visible signs of aging.

Can You Use BOTOX & Juvéderm Together?

Many patients believe they have to pick one treatment over the other. However, BOTOX and Juvéderm work well together, complimenting each other to erase wrinkles and increase volume in sunken or droopy areas of the face. The best way to learn whether you could benefit from them is to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals at Columbian Square Dental.