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Columbian Square Dental Blog

Learn About the Cost of Emergency Dental Care From an Emergency Dentist

February 12, 2019

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A man holding his face in pain

According to a study in American Family Physician, around 1 in 5 people have experienced some kind of dental pain in the last 6 months. On top of wanting to get out pain as quickly as possible, many people are also concerned with the cost of seeing an emergency dentist, especially if they don’t have insurance. In this blog, you’ll learn about the symptoms of a dental emergency and when you should seek out immediate care. You’ll also find out how the cost of care is affected by insurance and get tips for prevention. Learn more below!


Want a Better Smile? Find Out How Invisalign or Six Month Smiles® Can Help

February 3, 2019

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a man receiving Invisalign aligners

Your tired of your teeth looking crooked, so you decide it’s time to talk to your dentist about setting them straight. The only problem is, you don’t want to have to wear traditional braces. How can you get a better smile without all the bulky metal? You might be surprised to know there are other alternatives that can give you a beautiful smile quicker and easier. Your dentist may suggest Invisalign aligners or Six Month Smiles®. Read on to learn more about each one and how they can give you a stellar smile in no time.


Healthy Habits for the New Year from Your Family Dentist

January 21, 2019

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Woman pointing at her smile

Do you have any resolutions set for 2019? The new year is a great time to make positive changes, but there’s a part of your health that is often forgotten: your oral health. Your teeth, gums, and mouth can actually have an impact on the rest of your body, which is why a good oral health routine plays a key role in your overall wellbeing. Thankfully, your family dentist has some dental habits you can pick up for your healthiest year yet!


Why a Family Trip to your Family Dentist is a Great Way to Start 2019

December 20, 2018

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smiling family looking at camera

2019 is almost here. There’s no better way to start the new year than by making appointments for all your family members with your family dentist. You’ll know right away if there are any dental health concerns you should know about. Also, you’ll be able to plan your cavity-prevention strategy for the entire year.


These are the Benefits of Choosing the Right Family Dentist!

December 17, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — columbianteam @ 2:58 am
family of four smiling and hugging

When it comes to your family’s oral health, you only want to make sure they receive the absolute best dental care. Thus, the task of finding the right professional can be challenging. Should you seek a specialist for everyone’s specific needs, or is it better to find the right family dentist that provides the comprehensive care you need? Find out the answer as you read on!


Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Root Canal Treatment?

December 10, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — columbianteam @ 5:52 pm
A woman shaking hands with a dental employee.

Oral infections can really do damage to your teeth and surrounding oral structures. Thankfully, dentists are fully equipped to perform root canal treatments that save and restore teeth. In fact, the American Association of Endodontists notes that approximately 15 million root canal treatments are performed every year.

But what exactly is a root canal? How do you pay for a root canal if you have dental insurance? How will this affect your overall cost? Today, a dentist is prepared to answer these questions exactly and more!


Three Services You Can Expect from Your Local Cosmetic Dentist

December 5, 2018

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person with bright white smile

Looking for a way to enhance your smile? Your local cosmetic dentist has options that can help. These include Invisalign, teeth whitening treatments, and porcelain veneers.


Tips from a Family Dentist on Dealing with Bad Breath

November 12, 2018

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Person covering her mouth in embarrassmentAll of us suffer from bad breath at one time or another.  Common causes of this problem include spicy foods, tobacco products, and infrequent brushing or flossing. While most cases of halitosis require only simple self-care, persistent or severe bad breath may need treatment from a family dentist.


4 Questions You Should Ask Your Family Dentist at Your Next Visit

October 25, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — columbianteam @ 7:57 pm

blonde woman hand on chin thinkingWhen you visit your family dentist for semi-annual care, you stand to benefit from several things. Not only does it leave you with a professional cleaning and examination, but it also provides an opportunity to talk to your specialist about ways you can improve your oral health, which is valuable information to utilize in your everyday life. As you read further, find out 4 questions you should definitely ask your dentist, and learn why they are significant to your oral health.


My Tooth Is Killing Me. What Can a Dentist Do?

October 11, 2018

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Person suffering from tooth pain

Tooth pain is the number one reason why Americans see a dentist. After all, a toothache isn’t just your run-of-the-mill discomfort. It’s one of the most unpleasant experiences anyone can endure. Fortunately modern dentistry offers a number of effective ways to treat this common affliction. Potential options include root canal, fillings and, if all else fails, extraction.


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