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Columbian Square Dental Blog

Should You Get a Root Canal? Your Dentist in Weymouth Knows

January 7, 2018

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A woman at her dental appointment.If you’ve been experiencing chronic tooth pain, you might wonder if a root canal is the best solution. Ideally, root canals are great for cleaning the canal or tooth roots and removing bacteria that cause infection. Doing this prevents the infection from spreading and becoming lethal later. However, sometimes a tooth can be so far gone that a root canal won’t be able to save it.

According to your dentist in Weymouth, there are alternatives worth considering if a root canal doesn’t work out. We’ll discuss your options so you can get back your regular self.


Your Cosmetic Dentist in Weymouth Weighs in on Teeth Whiteners

December 12, 2017

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woman with blonde hair smilingStudies show that 73% of people surveyed said they are more likely to trust someone with a nice smile than a person with a good job or material possession. This speaks volumes about the importance that your teeth make. That’s one explanation for why your smile is so important to you. It’s possible that maybe, somewhere deep in your subconscious mind, you know that your entire worth is being judged by your smile. So, you want a make sure that you have nice white teeth. Your cosmetic dentist in Weymouth is here to help you in your quest by comparing the different teeth whitening options.


Your Cosmetic Dentist in Weymouth on the Many Uses of Botox

October 30, 2017

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man getting botoxYou probably know about Botox as a treatment that smoothes out wrinkled or aged facial tissue to reveal more youthful, refreshed skin. Yes, it can do that — but as the years pass by, rigorous testing reveals more and more applications of Botox aside from wrinkle treatment. This injectable substance can also prevent chronic migraines as well as jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Keep reading to learn more about Botox, and how it can help you in unexpected ways, from your cosmetic dentist in Weymouth.


A Message to South Shore Hospital Employees from Your Dentist

September 26, 2017

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smiling familyWelcome! As you may already know, South Shore Hospital is switching the dental insurance provider for their employees from Delta Dental to MetLife. We want you to completely understand this transition and how it will affect your benefits when you visit your dentist here at Columbian Square Dental, so today, we’re going to use this blog to answer a few key questions you’ll likely have. (more…)

Dentist in Weymouth Welcomes South Shore Hospital Employees

August 31, 2017

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family relaxing beside the poolAt Columbian Square Dental, Dr. Stephen Kerr, Dr. William Olafson, and Dr. Michael Farag are pleased to be the dental professionals so many employees of South Shore Hospital choose for their dental care. We believe it speaks highly of our care that the employees of such a trusted medical institution turn to us to help them enjoy long lasting oral and overall health and wellness.


Dentist in Weymouth on Why Healthy Gums Matter

August 30, 2017

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closeup of a beautiful smileMany people only think of their teeth when they think about oral health. But what about the periodontal (gum) tissue that holds your pearly whites in place? The gums make up half of your smile, after all, and their health is absolutely crucial to your oral and overall wellbeing. Your dentist in Weymouth will work hard to make sure your gums stay in shape through regular preventive care and gum disease treatment as needed. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of good periodontal health from the team at Columbian Square Dental!


Your Cosmetic Dentist in Weymouth for Botox and Juvederm

July 23, 2017

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Your cosmetic dentist in Weymouth will improve your quality of life.When you think about dentistry, promoting the health of your teeth and gums comes to mind. You do not often think about Botox and dermal fillers being a part of the services offered by your cosmetic dentist in Weymouth. However, they are now commonly used to treat certain oral health conditions, like disorders of the temporomandibular joint. While Botox and Juvederm are often used to reverse fine lines and wrinkles, they can also be used to reduce muscle tension to help stop the pain of TMJ disorders and bruxism. At Columbian Square Dental, we embrace their use to help promote your quality of life.

Your Dentist in Weymouth offers Discreet Orthodontics for Adults

July 13, 2017

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Your dentist in Weymouth offers Six Month Smiles and Invisalign for adults.If you do not love the appearance of your smile, you are not alone. In fact, it is estimated that one-third of adults are dissatisfied with their teeth. Among the biggest concerns are alignment issues. However, as an adult, you do not want to further add to your insecurities by using visible metal wires and brackets. To provide you with the solution you need, you need a dentist in Weymouth who provides an array of options. We are the team for you. At Columbian Square Dental, we understand your concerns. We know that you need a more sophisticated, less noticeable approach. We offer two treatments that are discreet while producing high-quality results. Now, you can get a straight smile without drawing attention to your teeth.

Your Dentist in Weymouth Discusses the Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

June 3, 2017

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From your dentist in Weymouth: Oral cancer screenings are very important. Here’s why.Oral cancer. It’s one of the cancers we don’t hear too much about. However did you know that it’s responsible for one death per hour, 24 hours a day? Close to 50,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Those who have experienced oral cancer are also more likely to get it again as it has a high rate of reoccurrence. These are very dismal statistics that haven’t changed much over the years, and this is because oral cancer is often not detected until its in more advanced stages, which results in a poor prognosis. Columbian Square Dental offers oral cancer screenings at every dental checkup, and your dentist in Weymouth wants to change these numbers by making patients more aware of oral cancer, so here are some additional facts you should know.


Restore Your Smile With Your Premier Dentist In Weymouth

May 11, 2017

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Make your smile bright and healthy again with restorative dentistry from your dentist in Weymouth. You’re a huge Red Sox fan – you love watching games in the comfort of your home, and making it into Fenway Park is a goal you have for at least a handful competitions each season. Your team always makes you smile, but when you do, you immediately become self-conscious because of the imperfections in your grin. You have a missing tooth, and although it’s almost in the back of your mouth, it’s noticeable. You’re finally ready to restore your smile to its former glory, but you’re not sure what dental options you have. Luckily for you, the team at Columbian Square Dental have the expertise you need and are your premier restorative dentist in Weymouth. Learn more about your choices to improve your oral health in this post.


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